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I'm Don Brittain from Andover in Hampshire. I want to offer my help to promote your Business by means of my Drag
Racing venture.
Last year I competed in the Sportsman ET class of Drag Racing for the first time. By the end of the season I had finished
5th in the Championship, included in that was one runner up position and one quarter final, plus I qualified first in one event
and second in another. It was great fun and fulfilled a need I've had for many years. I have, like many others, taken part in
run what you brung events, and have even competed in a friends car two years running in the USA. I finished third at
Bowling Green Kentucky in the 2003 Mustang Cobra invitational (Street tyre class).
Ultimately, we’d like to move into other quicker classes, but that takes money! Up to now all I have provided all the
funding, with help from MasterCard and Visa! It is now time to try and recruit some sponsorship and that is what this
section is for.

The car is a 1994 Mustang GT. It has the 5.0litre (302) V8 and 5-speed manual. Stock they run somewhere in the mid 14
to 15 second range. Modifications so far include a Powerdyne Supercharger and fully adjustable suspension front and
rear. We have run a best of 13.43 at 101mph, and that was with a faulty limited slip differential. There is a LOT more in
this car but like they say....
'Speed costs! How fast do you want to go?'
I have bought some new parts for the car to make it much more consistent (and hopefully quicker). These include a new
engine rated at 400 hp which is without the supercharger (we currently have 300hp), a new, from Ford, rear axle with
uprated half shafts and centre section, plus a lightweight front suspension k member and full race transmission! In total
about £7000 worth .All of this needs fitting, and although the parts are all paid for, the time at Webster racing isn’t and
that will be approx £3000. When that is all done we intend to be testing it prior to the seasons start (Easter). Any offers of
sponsorship will be greatly appreciated. It doesn't have to be huge amounts. I understand only too well that times are
hard, but advertising costs loads nowadays so this could be of great interest on that basis alone. A small add in a magazine
costs around £300 for one month (I know I've done it). Advertising your business (any, not limited to automotive) would
be for the whole year and would be seen at seven events both at Santa Pod and Shakespeare Raceways. It costs us £200
a meeting with entry fees, fuel etc..So the seven meetings cost roughly £1500 and that doesn't include money for any parts
and development. Drag Racing has a huge following, and is featured in many magazines and our class was even on the
'Motors' channel on there could be a lot more exposure for you there. This is one of the cheapest ways for you to
get involved in motorsport, not to mention a very cost effective and FUN way of advertising your business or even club.
In return for sponsorship I'm prepared to make both the car and myself available for promoting your business. We'd also
be prepared to distribute leaflets etc at race meetings and generally do everything we can to help YOU. Depending on the
deal, free tickets would be made available to one of the bigger events for two people and you'd be welcome to visit the
pits, and even ride in the car (NOT down the track though!). Photos would be provided for you as well as regular updates
to how YOUR car is doing. Logos on car and clothing. Again depend on the deal offered.
Enough pitch! If you want to know more, and I think you will when you've thought about it.... get in touch via the contact
details below, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. We are a very small team, but have serious ambition!  

The lettering on the car at the moment is ‘outlaw design’ that is my own t-shirt business. It is only there at the moment as
I might as well advertise myself! It does give an idea of what is possible though.

Don Brittain
41 Downsview Way
Perham Down
SP11 9JR


Phone: 01980-842776
Mobile: 07784-478952
About Sportsman ET

Sportsman ET is the entry-level class in Drag Racing. It is affordable and a lot of
fun.The misconception by most people seeing this class for the first time is that
it's a race to the end and whoever crosses the line first wins, well no, it's a little
more complicated than that.ET racing, or Bracket racing allows cars of different
power output to compete on a level playing field. So, here are the basic
principles of ET racing. Over a racing weekend you are given several qualifying
sessions. In each qualifying session you predict the time your car will run, the
dial-in time. So, for example racer 'A' dials 15sec and racer 'B' dials 13sec. If
racer 'A' runs 15.1 and racer 'B' runs 13.2 then racer 'A' qualifies higher because
he/she was closer to their dial-in.After the qualifying comes the eliminations.
You are pitted against maybe a faster car than you so your opponent’s dial-in
time is subtracted from your dial-in time giving you a head start by that amount.
If your dial in is on the button, as is your opponent, then you should both cross
the finish line at the same time. However, your reaction time is also taken into
account so crossing the line at exactly the same time is improbable.
As little as £600 could get YOU involved!